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Trust Mary’s ABC Academy in Chicago! We Provide Professional Infant Daycare & Newborn Daycare in Chicago
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Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center in Chicago has been providing top-level childcare and educational services for many years. We are widely recognized for our preschool children’s education and infant daycare programs for children 15 months to 6 years of age.

At Mary’s Academy Day Care Center, we bring over 12 years of experience to deliver exceptional and trusted childcare to the community. This is where we focus on developing every child’s social skills with a strong educational foundation that can be carried through life. Here, children learn to share, communicate, and respect one another while experiencing a fun and inclusive learning environment.

We provide a state-of-the-art educational facility where your child can learn, grow and thrive as an individual. Our classrooms are designed to stimulate young minds so they can learn how to express their individuality and share in a socially accepting way with others. And of course, our child daycare is designed to provide a safe and secure learning environment where your child is free to learn at their own pace under nurturing supervision.

Additionally, communication is an important key to aid in the progress of each child. That’s why at Mary’s Academy Day Care Center, we provide regular updates on your child’s classroom experiences and any new milestones. That way you are involved in every aspect of your child’s journey through preschool.


What You Need To Know About Infant Daycare & Infant Care
of Mary’s ABC Academy Baby Day Care Center in Chicago Forest Glen!

The younger your child is, the more they have to learn as they grow so the experience they receive in those preschool years from infant daycare up to the time they start kindergarten, is so important. At Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center we provide child daycare in Chicago that makes an impact on your child’s learning, giving them the advantages they need to succeed through different levels of school and later in life.

With a focus on building confidence, social interaction skills, and enhancing fine motor skills, Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center is the perfect place for young children to learn in an environment that is safe, welcoming, and encouraging. From our infant care to our Chicago preschool program, our team of experienced early childhood education professionals is passionate about giving your child a safe and warm environment they and you can feel confident in.

At Mary’s ABC Academy Daycare Center, our infant care program offers a nurturing experience for your baby. Our team is licensed to care for infants so we are fully trained are certified for your peace of mind.

Our infant-care group has only 8 spots to give your young child the attention needed in a caring and loving environment. We would be happy to discuss how your young child fits into our infant daycare program and what you can expect for your baby. During our initial meeting, we can provide a tour of the infant daycare area and all the details you need to choose what’s best for your child.

Children’s Daycare

Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center provides an excellent environment for preschool in Chicago, IL with a year-round children’s daycare that is convenient and affordable. We meet the needs of most hard-working parents with hours that can accommodate for early mornings and into the evening.

Our infant daycare in Chicago is well-recognized in the child care industry with a welcoming, friendly, and positively nurturing atmosphere and a reputation that is second to none!

We promote a healthy environment for children at Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center to ensure a safe and positive experience. Our policy on illness for both children and our caregivers is very stringent as part of our enrollment policy centers around keeping children immunizations up-to-date. We ask that children and caregivers who are not feeling their best to stay at home as a prevention to the spread of illness throughout our preschool in Chicago.


As we accommodate varying age ranges, our child daycare in Chicago provides a wide range of age-appropriate toys and learning tools within every classroom. We encourage your child’s cognitive development, creativity, and imagination as Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center delivers age-appropriate learning and activities at levels that exceed the standard curriculum.

Whether your child requires infant daycare or preschool, our childcare providers are highly trained in early childhood education to give your child a wonderful experience. And to maintain our safety standards, we are all trained in children’s CPR, and first aid. So you can trust that our infant care will be cheerful, nurturing, responsible, and encouraging.

At Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center, we focus on operating a well-rounded facility for each child. We provide healthy, nutritious meals and snacks that cycle through all four food groups while we also teach healthy eating habits to start each child on a great path.

Our facility offers a clean, sanitized, and safe environment for all children. From infant care through to preschool in Chicago, the best choice is Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center. Call us to schedule a visit today.


Children’s Educational Programs

Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center offers accredited educational programs for young children in Chicago, IL. Our focus on promoting early learning in a safe and fun environment helps to get your child off to a fantastic educational and social start.

In an infant daycare, learning is continuous. Our caregivers offer support and encouragement with a caring and loving approach to each child with a focus on socialization that takes emotional and physical needs into account. Our children’s educational programs are centered on age-appropriate exploration and discovery at the toddler stage of development. Your child can feel safe and secure in our infant daycare with a consistent routine they can grow comfortable with.

Pre-K is an important time before your child heads off to kindergarten. At Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center, we recognize that consistency in a daily schedule is paramount in our children’s educational programs. We understand that each Chicago preschooler develops at a different pace. That’s why we encourage independence, social skill building, and self –confidence with a curriculum designed to adapt to each child’s age and level of development.

At Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center, we are very proud that our children’s educational programs include extra-curricular activities, such as music classes and ballet classes taught by professionals in their respective fields. We also have exciting educational trips for hands-on learning and experiences. No other child daycare centers in the region can compare to our fine-tuned preschool education programs.

Our professional early childhood education team provides every child with a clean, fun, and stable learning environment. Our teachers work one-on-one with each child to help them excel during their development. Your child’s preschool education program takes them through a safe, secure, nurturing, caring, and engaging environment to learn self-confidence, socialization skills, as well as listening and speaking skills.

Start your search for the right daycare and education center early. Enrollment at Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center tends to fill quickly. So come take a tour of our beautiful facility today and make sure to register your child to secure a spot.


Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center is regarded as the premier preschool in Chicago and surrounding areas. We come recommended for our early childhood learning program that focuses on encouraging interactions and the development of great learning skills that can be carried forward into the next level of their education.

Our childcare providers work with every child to help them blossom on their individual developmental learning path. Each child is unique and develops skills in their own time and in their own way. For preschool children, we nurture independence, hands-on learning, communication, and cooperation skills. At the preschool age, your child will learn simple math and reading skills, as well as writing skills. Plus, your child will practice their fine motor skills while participating in a number of activities.

At Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center, our preschool curriculum is designed to prepare each child for their next stage in kindergarten. We encourage children to be active and enthusiastic while also being respectful of others to help encourage them to redefine their knowledge and social skills as they progress. At this early preschool age, their participation in various activities shapes their path forward.


We instill in our preschool children the knowledge they need to practice and build upon healthy lifelong habits. Special activities such as having children participate in setting the table or cleaning up after an individual or group event introduces a sense of responsibility at this young age and allows them to build from there.

At Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center, we gently encourage every child to be actively involved in all daily activities. This helps to stimulate their imagination and creativity in a variety of individual and group programs. From teachers reading aloud during circle time to group or individual water color painting, we help your child to exhibit self-expression while also building socialization skills through watching interactions and participating.

Our goal is to continue to raise our standards for your child. At Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center, we consistently exceed expectations as we are dedicated to providing our preschool children with a learning experience that goes beyond an average curriculum.

For a state-of-the-art educational program for your preschool aged child in Chicago, call Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center or drop by for a tour. You and your child will be very happy you did!

Why Infant Daycare, Newborn Daycare & Child Day Care Chicago Has a Positive Impact on Development

Numerous studies have shown that young children, including infants and toddlers from the ages of 6 months to 4 years, benefit greatly from an infant daycare environment. These developmental benefits begin with quality instruction, structure, and lessons learned through social interaction.

Even the youngest children have a daily schedule or routine at baby daycare in Chicago. Although they may not be able to tell the time off a clock, children are given the opportunity to learn from a full slate of activities, including songs, general paly time, and storytelling.

A detailed study by the U.S. National Institutes of Health has found that teens tend to have higher cognitive and academic achievement scores if they spent their formative years attending a high-quality child daycare. Children can spend time around others their age in a supervised, structured and safe environment. These children learn how to problem-solve, share, interact, and otherwise play and learn together as their young minds are still growing and their personalities are developing.

One study found that parents who enrolled their children in a program like a Chicago preschool were more involved in their children’s school life as their young ones grew older. While choosing the right infant childcare in Chicago may be a nerve-racking experience for many parents, the evidence is clear that children will indeed benefit over the long term.

Finding a quality child daycare in Chicago where children have the support, engagement, encouragement, and exposure to a positive atmosphere can help lay the groundwork for later intellectual strides for participating babies and toddlers. At ABC, your babies are in the best hands. Trust our years of experience to provide a safe and fun environment in which to develop at our infant childcare in Chicago.

What Makes Mary’s ABC Academy
Newborn Daycare & Infant Daycare Chicago Special?

Your child is the most important person in your life. That’s why at Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center, we provide a safe and happy environment where nurturing and love is the key to early childhood development. Our child daycare team understands the importance of those early years in a child’s life.

When walking through the doors of our Chicago preschool for the first time, you will find a clean environment that is a completely state-of-the-art infant daycare for pre-school aged children and younger. Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center is the perfect place for your child to learn, grow, and thrive in preparation for kindergarten and beyond.

Our experienced and nurturing caregivers create a warm and welcoming environment for your baby to learn and grow. We provide continuous opportunities for your child to not only learn and explore the world around them but to also establish a great sense of confidence. Some of the primary focuses within our infant daycare is the development of fine motor skills as well as social interaction.


Each child receives the individual attention you expect from our passionate caregivers. We develop a schedule of activities and learning experiences based upon your child’s unique individual needs. Our wonderful teachers promote independence and self-confidence that each child can build from. Our attention is always focused on encouraging creativity, fostering a positive attitude, and developing healthy habits from an early age.

For preschool children, Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center promotes advanced learning skills for preparation in the core academic areas to ensure school readiness when the time comes. Your child will learn to excel in a structured and fun environment with the potential for life-long learning success.

Signs of a Good Daycare Center – Mary’s ABC Academy Infant Daycare, Newborn Daycare & Chicago Preschool Care

Choosing the best daycare for your child involves asking plenty of questions and being observant. It is best to start your search about six months before you’ll need childcare. You can use our list of criteria as your guide to finding the right Chicago preschool for your child.

Having a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and being known for its nurturing environment, is what makes an excellent baby daycare center in Chicago. It is best to ask the center for names and numbers of current clients for references, or just stop by during afternoon pickup time and approach some parents. Being mindful of your first impression counts a lot. Read the testimonials on our infant daycare in Chicago or feel free to give us a call. We understand how tough it is for you to send your child for preschool or daycare.

The best daycare centers have structured schedules that include a lot of time for physical activity, quiet time (including daily reading sessions for the individual as well as groups), group programs, individual activities, meals, snacks, and free time.

TV and videos are a part of what your child does all day. You have to make sure that the videos are age-appropriate and ideally, educational, teaching about animals, other cultures, and many more. A well-thought curriculum stimulates your child’s development, which our infant child care in Chicago offers.

You should look for a center with a wide range of age-appropriate toys that will encourage your child’s development. As your child gets older, the toys will help them with their stimulate creativity as well as imaginative play. Our infant care offers accredited educational programs that will fit your young children. We focus on promoting early learning in a safe, loving, and fun environment. We must get your child off to a fantastic education and social start. We scored a perfect ten, so you do not need to look further for the best day care for your children!

What is the Purpose of a Daycare Center? Mary’s ABC Academy Best Preschool & Daycare Chicago

A lot of the parents rely on child daycare in Chicago to care for their children while they work. However, there are some parents that may just consider a professional daycare preschool to be the safest option for babysitting. When it comes to daycare centers, there are a lot of benefits and functions that your children can gain. They can benefit from the wide variety of social and educational opportunities that the center provides. Child daycare centers can be profitable small businesses for those who love working with children.


One of the best benefits a child receives while attending a daycare preschool program in Chicago is socialization. Children have the chance to play with peers and interact with adult staff members, which teaches them valuable social skills. These skills include sharing, compromising, and language skills. We are the best daycare in Chicago that you can choose!


The main function of infant daycare in Chicago is to provide a safe and secure environment with quality caregivers. This way, parents will have peace of mind knowing that the children are safe whenever they are at work.


At our Chicago preschool, we have planned activities that will help build a foundation for later school success, from infants through preschool-aged children. They learn through play as well as structured learning programs.

Choosing The Perfect Preschool For Your Child - Mary’s ABC Academy Best Preschool Chicago & Chicago Preschool Care

Finding the right preschool or child daycare in Chicago for your children can be challenging. To make it easier, we have some tips that will help you find the best preschool around Chicago to accommodate all your child’s needs.

When it’s time to search for a sound daycare preschool in Chicago, there are plenty of sources at your disposal. A simple online search would give you a plethora of information about the best public and private preschool for 2-year-olds near you in Chicago. Of course, there are plenty of factors you need to consider, and this is where our tips will come in handy.

When looking for the best daycare around Chicago, your priority should be your child’s comfort. What kind of environment is conducive for your child? Where does she or he excel in? What makes them comfortable, excited, at ease, and ready to learn? Do they need a structure for discipline or perhaps freedom for creativity? Do they thrive in quiet spaces where they can be creative or they need a spacious room that allows them physical flexibility and mobility?

Can they study comfortably without your presence or they will need your constant guidance? Will they have challenges following instructions in the infant daycare in Chicago or they will need home tutoring from you after daycare hours? Will they make friends easily and blend in with the rest of the children comfortably?

It’s normal for parents to be worried about their children when entering an infant child care in Chicago, which is why you need to recognize your child’s strengths and weaknesses and find the best environment for them. You can achieve this by finding the best infant room daycare around Chicago to provide all your child’s educational needs. For the best baby daycare center around the local area, contact us today!


Customer satisfaction of Infant Daycare Chicago Guaranteed!

At Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center, overall wellness is an important part of growing as a child. Teaching healthy eating habits, exercise, safety habits, and increased self-esteem are all essential in early childhood development. If you want a safe and happy environment for your child’s daycare experience, come to Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center where your child will be surrounded by passionate and nurturing caregivers. Visit us today and enroll your child for preschool or young infant daycare with the specialists in early childhood education.

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