Your Best Preschool Choice - Mary's ABC Academy Day Center Chicago

Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center is an excellent preschool in the Chicago area. Our preschool caters to children up to 6 years of age. We offer a carefully designed early childhood learning program that focuses on children’s interactions and skills development appropriate for their age. We believe that these skills are essential for the next level of education.

We have brilliant childcare providers in our pre k that excel in individual child development that are in tune with proper child-rearing. We acknowledge our preschoolers’ unique strengths, and abilities while encouraging them to explore other fields of learning to showcase other potential skills for lifetime application. At our preschool, we promote independence, focused learning, communication, and cooperation in all aspects.

Our program is inclusive of basic math, writing, and reading lessons. We also offer physical play, activities, and challenges that allow them to develop their fine motor skills, as well as communication skills towards other preschoolers.

At Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center, our curriculum for preschoolers is specially designed to prepare the children for kindergarten. Thus, we encourage the development of each child’s knowledge and social skills by being active participants in our activities while being courteous with other children at the center. We believe that their enthusiasm for our various activities will lead them to fulfilling paths in the future.

Through proper guidance, we strive to instill in every child the need to practice healthy habits that will benefit them in the long run. We have special activities in place that allow children to grow into their individual selves, which include helping prepare before an event or clearing up afterward. This effectively instills in them a sense of responsibility while assigning tasks that are appropriate for their age. Next time you search for a pre k near you, consider enrolling your child with us.

We highly encourage each child’s active participation in our activities, regardless of their level of interest. The purpose of our daily activities is to incorporate responsible and enjoyable partaking, which can increase in difficulty level as children grow. At Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center, we value creativity, collaboration, and initiative. We offer group and individual programs where children are free to showcase their knack in various fields of interest. Whether it brings them joy to paint, build, design, or communicate, our childcare specialists closely facilitate all activities for the children’s utmost safety and protection alongside their enjoyment. We encourage our preschoolers to exhibit wholesome self-expression while encouraging them to socialize, interact, and participate in methods suitable for their age.

At Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center, we hold high standards in preschool education. We apply continuous learning to improve our services each time and make parents satisfied with our programs. We dedicated all efforts necessary to provide excellent programs that will challenge children in various ways possible. For a preschool near you, feel free to give us a call for consultation or visit our daycare center. We are happy to give you a tour! Get in touch with us today.